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How to amplify more than 2 speakers not used for surround

I apoligize if this is sounds obvious but I am as they say a newbie.

I am trying to amplify two rooms seperately.
One room has six speakers but I do not need them to be in surround. They will be just for music in a cafe.

the second room will be a screening room where tv, movies, music, presentations and functions will happen. this room will have 10 speakers.

my question simply is how to run this setup? how many amps? a preamp? or just a receiver?

again sorry for the lack of knowledge on the topic but thank you in advance for any help and/or direction I can look in for more information.

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Re: How to amplify more than 2 speakers not used for surround

Sounds like you may need a 25V or 70V commercial sound system, with possibly paging or PA capabilities. It's not rocket science but it is science, so you may want to consult some professionals. Google "70V commercial sound" to get started.


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