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Shure V15 V-MR Cartridge
Jeff Wong
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This is the cartridge I'm presently using on a VPI Scoutmaster. There's a nice fullness to the sound, but I get the sense there's a whole lot more transparency and harmonic complexity to be had with better cartridges. I also find the sound a tad sluggish. That said, there's still a rightness to my analogue front end that keeps me grinning like nobody's business. I'm looking to upgrade to a better cart as soon as funds permit... in your case, for 60 bucks, I doubt there'll much to complain about. I have no idea if it will be better than your current setup... perhaps, someone who's heard both can offer something more informative.

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I use the V15VxMR, the last generation of a family of outstanding MM cartridges. I got it out of the last production run, and have a new replacement stylus waiting in the wings to extend the life of the cartridge as long as I can. I've used several generations of that family over 40 years and, like Jeff Wong, have found musical reasons to stay with them. I have no familiarity with the specific cartridge you've bought for $60 but I presume it has a replaceable stylus. If it does, you might want to find out whether it will accept the VN5xMR stylus.

Given the price you've paid, I'd say you have nothing to lose in giving the cartridge a listen. Replacement styli go for about twice that $60 in the states. Happy Listening.

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