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SACDXA777ES multichannel sacd or stereo SCD-1

As i am not a multichannel listener i would like to change my XA777es multichannel sacd player for a SCD-1 player
Are the DAC's in the SCD-1 better than the 3 dual paralleled for each channel overwelming DAC B-B PCM 1738 used in the 777ES ?
For SACD for CD
I owned before the 777 a CDP X50ES CD player with VCF functions -in filter 1 & 2 this i never felt with the 777ES.In the meantime the sacd catalogue has grown and yes sacd is most or always better than CD -however the worldwide CD catalogue never will be transformed towards sacd!(shame as one have heard Dylan or the Stones!!)Even the new pcm remixes are better than the 1st editions!
So is it worth changing ( not only as for the historic first SACD player) and especially is the balanced output an additional value in sound?

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Re: SACDXA777ES multichannel sacd or stereo SCD-1

Hi benjamin

Since you're not a "multichannel" listener,the answer to your question is "yes" , the scd-1 is a better player.I don't know if the dacs the scd-1 is using are better or not,but the scd-1 is much better than the xa777es.As for the balanced connection,let me give you a rough guide.
Unbalanced = slightly higher noise but more "attack" in the sound.
Balanced = less noise , smoother sound , slightly less attack.
Personally,instead of the Sony scd-1 i'd go for Marantz Sa-1.imhp is a better player.

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