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Re: What's Up with Jazz at the Pawnshop/ZOMBIE THREAD!



Frak yeah!

Welcome, Galactica fan!

My first thought as well.

And Welcome!

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Re: What's Up with Jazz at the Pawnshop

JATPS is way overrated and one's money is much better spent in several other ways. ... or Count Basie's Complete Decca Recordings. None of these recordings will show off your system but at at one of them belongs in the collection of any jazz fan and they are all guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Or one could take the money and go to nice small jazz club and hear some live music performed by living and working musicans. They don't have to be "name" players, hey I'm not that hard, if fact I have nothing against the players on Jazz at the Pawn Shop, I only object to the worship that the recording receives from some people.

Effin-A! Thumbs up over here!

Next thing you know, right after some JATPS, they'll break out some Floria Purim or such.....I'll excuse myself to use the bathroom and slip out the window. Let me outta there!


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