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Marantz CD 5400 vs CD67se

Has anyone listened to this budget player and if so, how does it compare to the non modified 67se?

I'm looking to upgrade my front end in my home office system that currently has the 67se. I may stretch for the 8260, but considering the age of the 67 I'm curious if the newer technology in digital has significantly advanced to the degree that the 5400 might be considerably better than the dated 67.

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Re: Marantz CD 5400 vs CD67se

The 5400 is a nice player at a fantastic price! At this price, I don't see how you could go wrong. However, if you are maybe going to step up to the 8260 (at $999.00), you might want to look into the DV-6500 (at $599.00), which plays just about every type of disc available, plus gives you the flexibility of playing/watching dvd-v's. There are an increasing number of concert recordings on dvd-v's available; I find myself often playing these without the monitor on at all.

Good luck!

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