Zou Yuan Yuan

This is Zou Yuan Yuan, managing director of Dussun Electronics Co. Ltd. That's pronounced da-sun, as in "Da sun, boss, da sun!"

He's standing in front of an array of test equipment that stands behind his office desk. It would make John Atkinson green with envy.

Why does the company's managing director have test equipment in his office? "When I left school [as an EE], I went to work for Red Lantern [a large Chinese electronics manufacturer, founded in 1960], designing test equipment. After a year or so, I joined the amplification design team."

Designing test equipment influences Zou Yuan Yuan's amplifier design philosophy. "Things must sound good—but we start with good measurements and proceed from there."

When Red Lantern folded in 1998, Zou started Korsun, taking with him a hand-picked team of Red Lantern veterans. Most of his 12 employees were part of that crew.

Korsun became Dussun in 2005, when Zou bought the company from his investors.

"Does the word Dussun mean anything?"

"No, I took a dictionary and looked for words that had no meaning."

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The world of hi-fi is famous for imaginative concepts," but is there really a dictionary with words that have no meaning?""Does the word Dussun mean anything?"" ""No"," I took a dictionary and looked for words that had no meaning.""

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Remember that English is not Mr. Zou's native language," and that my Mandarin is limited to ""Pleased to meet you", thank you, and bottom's up," so I was using an interpreter. Let's charitably assume Mr. Zou meant he thought up wprds and checked his dictionary to assure himself that they were not words in use.Yes, the phrasing is ambiguous, and perhaps I could have recast the sentence, but I try not to overedit these conversations for fear that they will lose the essence of what I was told&151;and, truthfully, I was charmed by the Borgesian whimsey of the concept.

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one talks about one thing, the other two talk about another thing. what's wrong with "da-sun"?

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Is that a Dussun T2i amplifier on his desk. How does it sound? What pair of speakers is that on his desk?

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I’d heard several of the Dussun amps over many years whenever Ping attended a meet that I went to. Last I brought Dussun amp to our K1000 room and it impressed my frineds enough to be really excited at the prospect of hearing the Dussun T2i.Phonics

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