I'm That Crazy Guy

I was listening to Barque & Consonance's Opera Audio Consonance M-15 loudspeakers when Lino Faragi introduced himself. "I'm that crazy European guy who opened up a hi-fi shop in China—the first non-Asian to do high-end here," he said, handing me a card for Sound & Vision in Shanghai. "We do things a little differently. Come see us."

Why, I believe I may.

A.Reusien's picture

Like to visit your shop.Please inform me about the address

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Can you send me the pointer to Lino Faragi. I live in Shanghai, and would like to find Sound & Vision.Thx,

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I live in China and I would like to visit Sound & Vision shop. Could you please provide address and contact telephone numbers of Lino Faragi and his shop ?Thank you.