Nothing Could Be Finer

Than to blog hi-fi from China—or at least, that's what I thought when Original Audio's Ping Gong and GuangZhou Hi-Fi 2006's Zou Dao invited me to attend the largest audio show in the Celestial Kingdom.

I fly over on Wednesday, November 29 and promptly lose a day. I start blogging from GuangZhou Hi-Fi 2006 on December 1 and will continue through its final day, December 3.

While in GuangZhou, I'll also visit an audiophile's listening room and go shopping in the city's audio market. I'll also visit E&T, which manufactures chassis for high-end companies, both Chinese and international, as well as racks and accessories. I'll also check out the XLH and Original manufacturing facilities near ZhuHai.

On December 7, I'll fly to Shanghai to examine how Dussun makes gear, before heading over to Beijing on December 9. Beijing is strictly for pleasure, but I'm sure I'll find something to blog about out of it.

On December 12, I fly home, but who knows? There may even be an afterthought or two.

Check in often, my hosts are determined to show me as much of the Chinese audio scene as an audiophile could possibly absorb—and I'll be trying really hard to bring you along for the ride.