Wadia S7i CD+Decoding Computer

Wadia started life decades ago as a strictly high-end digital company, and though the iPod is the main attraction these days, has not forgotten their roots.

The new S7i CD+Decoding Computer, at $14,000, is clearly a statement piece and features a brand new tray mechanism that the company has designed and built from the bottom up in collaboration with Stream Unlimited.

Also included is a digital preamp section with four inputs including USB and digital volume control. Delivery is scheduled for February.

Mark H's picture

Huh? What does this do? Is a decoding computer the same as a music server/

Wallis B.'s picture

Mark H - Google is your friend.

mark H's picture

A decoding computer is a DAC that costs more than $2,000

Wallis B.'s picture

Mark H - not exactly. The $1,200 151 also has a "decoding computer" inside along with amplification and more. Are you just here to complain without letting facts get in the way?

Poor Audiophile's picture

Not to be a bozo, but I think J.I. could have told us what it did. Some of us just aren't as smart as you Wallis!

Jon Iverson's picture

Sorry about that - yes a Decoding Computer is indeed Wadia terminology for a DAC. They've been using the term since before the acronym DAC came to be widely used.

Eric's picture

Only, at this price, is it a replacement of the not so long ago introduced 781i? Or a direct compatitor? I'm now a bit puzzled about Wadia's product placement strategy....

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I'd love to hear it!

Bill's picture

Nice to see this product - Wadia's product line has been growing a bit stale in recent years, and it's good to see them continue to push the Digimaster-related product line forward.

Rob's picture

This is a CD player with a built in preamp. It is also a DAC with the ability to process popular audio formats as flac, wma and mp3. You can for example play a CD with high definition 24/96 flac files with this device.