The Raysonic CD168 Tube CD-Player

Some disc players simply look better than others when the lights go out. The Raysonic CD168 Tube CD-Player is one such machine and retails for $2,550. The CD168 uses 4 Russian 6922EH tubes and upconverts your CDs to 24 bit/192kHz to either balanced or unbalanced outputs.

First time Venetian exhibitor Raysonic also had an extensive line of Tube components on hand including their brand new two-box $4,200 CD228 Tube CD-Player.

Mark H's picture

The 128 and 168 are great products. Wonderful sound.I'm a big fan of top loading CD players -- one fewer moving part to break.

AL's picture

They sounded OK; pleasant enough. Design is personal, but I remembered them as a case of industrial design gone horribly wrong. I mean, they are CD players, not teleportation devices. Blue lights? Tacky at best. I do admire the 'natural' glow of tubes.

Jimmy's picture

Their CD168 is a great sounding tube cd player that is built like a tank. This player is in excellent cosmetic condition and performs flawlessly. This player provides a very wide and deep soundstage. It is very smooth but not at the expense of detail.

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Did anyone hear the 228?

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Earth to mother ship. We are coming in for a landing.

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Have you ever called Raysonic and attempted to discern what you hear ? Try getting easy to understand English out of anyone who works there. Whoever picked up the phone didn't even identify himself, or Raysonic for that matter, could hardly speak or understand any English, and what he could say to me was highly broken and thickly drenched in accent. He kept laughing as he tried to say a few simple phrases ... like when you can't speak a language and you try to nod and use body language to convey a message ... in person. Over the phone was pathetic. I could only imagine the nightmare it would be trying to get service or adjustment's made or if there were any problems with the equipment that the dealer couldn't resolve. Spend the money and buy an American made product instead. I would rather invest in quality in all manners and avoid the glitsy blue lights and language barriers ... KMart uses the old blue light specials. HAHAHAHA.

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I called both Canada & Raysonic USA at 1-888-593-8488 and they spoke perfect English  and were very helpful.

i purchased their SP200 amp and I love it!