Teresonic Speakers Play Loud

One of my last stops at THE Show at the Flamingo was the Teresonic room, where Mike Zivkovic demmed his 6'-tall single-driver Ingenium Silver Edition speaker using his own single-ended 2A3 tube amplifier. According to Mike, the amp uses interstage and output transformers from Lundahl and "there is not a capacitor in the circuit."

The Ingenium's cabinet is constructed, Mike says, more like the "body of a musical instrument", which I assume means that it is intentionally live but with the panel resonances spread evenly to minimize coloration. The speaker loads the rear of its Lowther drive-unit with something between a quarter-wave horn and a transmission line to achieve an astonishing specified sensitivity of 100dB and LF extension to 30Hz, –3dB. Once I had gotten used to the rather idiosyncratic treble presentation of the Lowther, the sound of the Ingeniums from LP did have superb dynamics and clarity, with good bass extension.

Igor's picture

If nothing else, then full marks for cabinetry and finishing!