TAD Electronics

Known for some of the best loudspeaker demos at CES, TAD is now branching out into electronics. In addition to a new amplifier (which Erick Lichte will be covering) on hand is the company's new D600 disc player, which will retail for $26,500 and appear next month in the US. In typical TAD fashion, this is a tour de force design sporting Burr-Brown PCM1794 DACs, an external power supply and the ability to play both CD and SACD (2 channel only).

Once again, the company was settled into one of the larger suites at the Venetian and their demoes of the new electronics coupled with the flagship Reference One speakers revealed a wonderfully rich and dynamic sound.

F. A. Arch's picture

Uhh, how long does the CD have left as a medium?

Deano Milch's picture

Uhhh... CD and SACD are very much alive outside of the US, a place where the other 6 billion people lives... many of whom still wouldn't trade convenience for well-thought out tangible "object".

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Before buying one of these, think of the poor injured children in Haiti and see if you can see it in your heart to throw a c-note their way. Ciao, Bob