Sonneteer Morpheus Music Server

One of the companies I continue to enjoy seeing every CES is Sonneteer. Their proprietors are always amazingly perky a couple days into a grueling show, and their products are consistently interesting.

Building on the Morpheus line introduced last CES, this year Sonneteer has launched the Morpheus Music Server at around $4,000. Included are two 1.5TB drives that can either be used as a mirrored pair or, for the more adventurous, 3TB of straight storage. A slot on the front makes it easy to rip CDs and their metadata, and users can add new servers as the need arises.

The company says it is taking orders now, with product shipping in March.

Anne B.'s picture

So, help me out here. I can buy a MacMini for 600 dollars and buy a 2 TB drive for about $200. What would I do with the other $3200? Give to Haitian relief? Nah. Get a $2500 interconnect containing 79 cents of copper. Better idea.

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For those who understand, no explanation is needed.For those who do not, none will ever suffice!