Simaudio 750D DAC/CD Transport

"It's really red" I exclaimed, "bright, give-me-a-speeding-ticket red." Simaudio's Lionel Goodfield and distributor Michael Baskin were both quick to respond with "is there really any other color when it comes to special cars? So it is with special audio components."

The company is celebrating 30 years in business with red and chrome 30th Anniversary editions of both the both the MOON 600i Integrated Amp and 750D CD/DAC. Production numbers will be limited and prices have only been approximately set: $15,000 for the 600i and around $20,000 for the 750D which Simaudio claims includes the first true 32-bit DAC.

Goodfield says that the numbers are still to be determined, but no more than 50 of each will be made. The units will also have a 30 year limited warranty and include several minor circuit enhancements.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Whoa. This reminds me of the Tick-Tock Diner on Route 3 in wonderful Clifton, NJ. In a good way, I mean.

GEORGE's picture

Another $15,000 CD player. Now is this one something different than the other one? Besides the $14,800 paint? Is there really a market and people who buy this stuff? I know a few people with money, and they sure don't. For this kind of money, do you realize what kind of studio pro gear can be gotten? The big question is WHY, Why is this considered even part of "high end audio? this isn't any audio improvements, it's become who can make the fanciest looking cases, and price higher and higher. Glitz and paint is NOT high end audio, does anyone ever ask, what's INSIDE, and why , it's no different than the other 100 units available, for less. Can we get back to AUDIO, not glitz?

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Did anyone listen to it?I did-it sounds fantastic!It does sound like 10k+ machine-no doubt,believe me.The only thing I didn't try is an USB input-will try soon...

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I have owned several "boutique" priced CDPs and find the latest Cambridge Audio Azur 650C can go head-to-head with the best of them.It has a proprietary drive/servo, dual Wolfson DACs with NO UPSAMPLING, discrete output filters and high-grade opamps driving the analog outs.If it had discrete analog outputs such as the Bryston BCD/BDA units I'm confident it would it would compete sonically with cost-no-object offerings from the likes of Accuphase, Boulder, Burmester, etc....