Rosemarie Torcivia

This is Rosemarie Torcivia. I just met her today. She works for Source Interlink Media, the parent company of Stereophile and Home Theater magazines. She gets to spend her days at CES in the Stereophile and Home Theater suite answering questions and being a knowledgeable and friendly face for the dealers, manufactures and readers who pop in to say hello. She was thrilled when I took her picture and told her she was going to be in the official Stereophile CES blog. I was thrilled when Rosemarie helped Jon Iverson and I get lunch today. I like Rosemarie and I bet you would too.

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Total hottie.

I agree, very good looking young women, friendly !!!'s picture

The picture says everything! Her friendly, good looking face and her sprankeling eys. Take good care of her. Sincerely, Bertus

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For most of the readers (basically, 55 year old versions of the guys who had to fix the principal's microphone during assembly and otherwise hung out in the AV center listening to Emerson Lake & Palmer), she is a hottie beyond belief. She seems very nice.I don't know why she merits inclusion on the blog other than this blog but it is better to look at her than a $20,000 CD player that boasts that it has a USB port.

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Rosemarie is definetly a hottie. Her amazing personality and amazing good looks are by far the CES show stopping aspects! I wish I could have made it to this years show, just to vist her at their booth. If you have the time stop by and ask her how she can be so helpful and cheerful day in and day out. Thank you Rosemarie! From a devoted fan!

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What a smile =)

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She is aging like fine wine. Compare: have a Rosemarie fan club and tonight is our annual party.

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Rosemarie - You look great. I think I'll renew my subscription after all!

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She is bright yet non-fatiguing.

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The party is going into the third hour. We have a bunch of Rosemarie posters from CES past and some Piels malt liquor. We are listening to test tones played through a 0.25 watt SET made in Andorra using single strand zinc cables running into a 1973 Radio Shack tower speaker. At midnight, we play Tainted Love by Soft Cell and hold hands and talk about letters to Rosemarie we have received.

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Way to go Rosemarie - you've got the most "reader's comments" by far...JA & Co. better consider raising your salary for all the interest you're generating.

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Funny, before I opened the blog after seeing Rosemarie's picture, I was thinking that Erik better ride shotgun in that booth to keep ol' Stephen Mejias away or he'll be all over her like a rash, and then I saw the first blog entry, ya ol dog ya ;-)

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Erick--Let's not get so carried away we forget our grammar! That should be "helped Jon Iverson and me get lunch." Try taking Jon out of the sentence--would you say "helped I get lunch"?

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She is my niece. Knock it off or you will be with Hoffa

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I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Rosemarie, but her photo leads me to believe she could brighten anyone's day.By the way, " I was thrilled when Rosemarie helped Jon Iverson and I get lunch today." should be, " I was thrilled when Rosemarie helped Jon Iverson and me get lunch today."

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Well Rosemarie, you do look charming and I hope that all those old Stereophile curmudgeons will take the time to help you with YOUR lunch.

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Lovelier than last year even:

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Finally I've found something beautiful in the blog.Rosemary: MY best regards, Any email for datesKisses from Mexico

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Get a new camera :)

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Can we get some more Rosemarie articles? Rosemarie goes for coffee? Rosemarie installs a tubed amp? A day in the life of Rosemarie and her little friends?

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Wow. Now I wished I had gone to the show.

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Mejias, might just be Rosemary's baby...

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She has a non-fatiguing mid high end and a very solid bass.

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Her pen name is "Linn Klimax."

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Posted Sat Jan 9,2010, 3:29 PM — By ArtieErick-- Let's not get so carried away we forget our grammar! That should be "helped Jon Iverson and me get lunch." Try taking Jon out of the sentence--would you say "helped I get lunch"?Ease up. His DAC has the jitters.

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Now, if they [audiophile manufacturers] could design daj2ltequipment that would elicit a similar level of enthusiasm then the whole industry wouldn't be in such a rut!!!

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Love what she's been doing to her hair. Also, she seems, how to say, a bit bigger on top? Very nice.

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Is a USB port included? What about playback and support of hi-rez lossless files?

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She is absolutely lovely. What a smile! Love the blouse.Cuter than a headphone amp.

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I agree with Bob. She is A LOT hotter this year.

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I feel funny (not haha funny, but warm and happy) when I see this picture. She is SO lovely. ^-__

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She is in the March Playboy in their Girls of CES spread

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Hubba Hubba, is she into VINYL..............................Latex? Or any other forms of plastic?I bet she is tone deaf? Has to be something wrong with her, can't be as perfect as she appears?

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She has a very non-fatiguing set of woofers

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You nerds need to check your pocket protectors for leaking pens. Can your Moms take you out in public?