Rogue Ares

Rogue Audio was also showing off the yet-to-be-released Ares phono preamplifier. The preamp can be run in all-tube or hybrid tube/solid-state to allow it to work with any cartridge you might want to throw at it. Mark O'Brien told me he was completing the design as recently as two weeks ago. The Ares will retail for $1995 and will start shipping at the end of June 2010.

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To whom it may concern,I would like to correct some information in this blog. The Rogue Audio Ares phono preamplifier will be shipping by early February. So those of you interested do not have to wait until late June.Nick FitzsimmonsRogue Audio Inc.

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Nick, sorry if I got the shipping date wrong - it's what I wrote in my notes. However I wrote so many notes that I suppose I was destined to get one fouled up. Thanks for the correction.

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Now that's one fugly looking product. Apparently, the industrial designer and the engineer were both on holiday smoking mushrooms when they came up with that one. Unfortunately during product review, Management was in the Sahara with their heads. The buildings custodial artisan checked the "Approved" box when the product sheet was left on the board's table.

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One of my all time faves,anything from "Rogue Audio", is worth a listen - I have the Titan Cronus (Magnum Version) - styling is subjective, and to me , all of Rogue's Item exude whats inside them, robust engineering! and and it brings that look outside as well, i am very keen in listening to the Ares, and most probably buy it, even if it only mildly exceeds my current phono stage (PS Audio GCPH), I just wish that the guys at Rogue, revise or improve the Rogue "Stealth", it had great dynamics for voicing - but mine just had some funny noise issues..