Raidho: Small is Big

At the last few Nordost demos I've witnessed, I've been amazed by the huge soundstage, deep bass, and tonal accuracy produced by Raidho's diminutive C-1.0 loudspeakers. Imagine my surprise when I learned that this little speaker, no larger than many a bookshelf design, lists for $18,000/pair. Then again, it produces a fuller, larger, and more coherent image than many a full-range floorstander of comparable price. It also has a pretty even 6 ohm impedance, and is said to be very tube friendly.

Designer Michael Boerresen, whose nametag said "Borresen," was quick to hand me the speaker's unique, extremely heavy ceramic-cone driver (pictured from the rear and described here). Composed of aluminum heavily anozided with a hard oxide surface, the rigid piston cone is surrounded by two rows of neodymium magnets placed in push-pull configuration. The Raidho Ribbon Tweeter FTT75-30-8 is a sealed tweeter that also uses a neodymium-array magnet. As you might expect, given the partnership, internal wiring is all Nordost Valhalla.

How the Raidho C-1 or somewhat larger C-2 stack up against the Magico Mini, I'd love to find out. It's another one of those speakers that has to be heard to be believed.

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Were I to try to sell such an item for 18 grand, I would use a fake name too. I trust it uses only single strand 99.99999999999999% pure Chilean silver and reduces jitter, brushes your teeth and makes you be able to do well with the ladies.

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wah wah wah wah... if you have heard it and can say unequivocally it's not worth 18k to anyone that's great. Otherwise stop reading a blog by a high-end mag from a high-end show about high-end products with high-end prices and complaining because it's high-end. You are boring. I can't afford it either but I read about it because I like to be informed. If I don't like it I'll stop reading because that's my choice. It's your's too.

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and if you don't like reading Mark H comments then I suggest you don't read comments at all RANK stranger. Face it $18,000 for a tiny little speaker? PLEASE..... what Mark H said I agree with.

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I see. You agree with it because you have also heard it and many other $18k speakers besides and have decided that none of them are worth it for you and therefore they should be available to no one. Great. Thanks Johnny. BTW I don't like reading Mark H's comments. I like reading interesting and lively discussions about new audio products which is what I hoped to find attached to this blog instead of his (and yours) whining "I-can't-afford-this" drivel.

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HI! I am from Celje,Slovenija,EU.I owned Ayra C-1 second year on Burmester electronica. My room is 5m X 3m. I love all sort of music, most of all operas. After all this time with this speakers i still hard to belive something like this is even possible! I bought this speakers in VKLOP-UBIQ in Ljubljana where i compere the sound with much BIGGERRRssss systems-but this is still HARD TO BELIVE. Not only for me. Mr. Jason Victor Serinus is REFERENCE. In this place my BIG ADMIRE to designer Mr.Michael Boerresen and THE TEAM and to Mr. Kante Igor the owner of VKLOP/UBIQ. Marjan

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I'm the very happy owner of the cheaper sister model to C1, the Raidho Eben X-Baby MkII Ceramic, with a retail price about half of the C1. It comprises the same cone(and surround), a less sophisticated array of neodymium magnet, same ribbon tweeter, and a crossover and kabinet, though excellent in quality, that reflects a lower price. The X-Baby clearly bears the sonic mark of its sublime sibling, demonstrating uncanny resolution, purity, calmness(deeply addictive..), coherence, and, as stated by Jason Victor Serinus, tonal accuracy. There's the overall sense that they cannot be brought/provoked into stress, which also leaves one feeling the music flowing unhindered in a way that appears simply "right." Have I had the sufficient amount of money I'd upgrade to a pair of C1's; they provide even more richly what is already offered through the Baby's, and I regard them among the very best speakers I have ever heard, regardless of price. Stereophile: You'd be celebrated for bringing a review of these...

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I first heard the Raidho Ayra C1.0's at RMAF and they sounded simply awesome for a stand mounted monitor. The JVS comments are spot on. I also heard the Raidho Ayra C3.0's at the same show and was so impressed I own a pair.