Playback Designs MPS-5

I hadn't seen this almost two-year-old company before, but was familiar with founders Andreas Koch, formerly with Studer ReVox and EMM labs, and Jonathan Tinn through his relationship with darTZeel. Sharing a room with darTZeel, Playback's MPS-5 was sitting in the center equipment rack spinning discs.

The MPS-5 plays both SACDs and CDs as well as accepting digital signals from music servers and the like. Retailing for $15,000, the transport is based on a modified Esoteric mechanism, and inputs on the back include AES, SPDIF, Toslink and USB (up to 48kHz).

I don't like to judge sound under show conditions, but this room sounded wonderful. And the company motto is pretty clever too: "Ear Responsible".

Peter's picture

Good unit by all accounts.As they are very often seen with dartzeel stuff, it might be good if one could get it in the same red and gold .

GEORGE's picture

Is that another typo? $1,500 right? Does it record, upsample to 2X DSD and all that other stuff. I think I have seen much cheaper units do much more. Why is THIS ONE now something different, another "break through". Probably NOT. Of course it sounded "wonderful" when do they not? Blu-Ray players are $100 now. RRED LED display? How 1980's. Not even something cool like OLED for that price? Anybody ever go to these guys and ask them if they are insane?