Paradigm's Affordable SE Speakers

Though my photo shows the Canadian company's Director of Marketing Mark Aling with the top-of-the-line Paradigm Reference Signature S8 tower, my interest was piqued by Paradigm's new SE speakers. The Special Edition series combines elements of the more expensive Paradigm models, such as the tweeter from the Monitor series with the mineral-filled polypropylene-cone bass/midrange drivers from the Reference Studio series. The two-way SE1 bookshelf will sell for a very affordable $598/pair and the three-way floorstanding SE3 for $1398/pair.

Paradigm hosted a music recital with Bay Area singer Camaron Ochs Friday night of the Show. The not-unattractive Ms. Ochs has a new CD available, Heartforward.

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Paradigms sell great products at fair prices. What is it with the dirty old men who write for this magazine? Can't they comment on women without noting what they look like? Is this Maxim?