Mysterious Mystère

One of my favorite things I experienced at CES this year was encountering new audio companies I'd never heard of, especially the ones that seem to be making high-quality components at real-world prices. One of these new surprises was Mystère Audio, distributed in the US by Kevin Deal. Made, like PrimaLuna, in China for Durob Audio, a Dutch company who has been making gear for over 30 years, Mystère showed a full line of amplification components but were playing their pa21 stereo power amplifier ($2995) and ca21 preamplifier ($2195).

The 55Wpc power amp features adaptive autobias and will run either KT88s or EL34s. The preamp features a 24-step attenuator, zero feedback, and point-to-point wiring. Both units are finished in a black piano gloss that looked a cut about the usual finish. I hope to hear more from this company in the future.

nunh's picture

Another well praised company - products made in China have come a long way in qaulity (although I do feel American quality still ranks higher overall).

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I heard this system at the show - at that price point, it was truly incredible. Kudos to Kevin for bringing this offering to our shores.