Musical Fidelity M6 CD-DAC

Also in the Musical Fidelity suite were the new M6 Series components which include the M6i integrated amp and the matching M6 CD-DAC. Priced at $2500, the M6 CD-DAC includes SPDIF, Toslink and USB inputs on the back for external digital sources which feed into the 24 bit/192kHz upsampling DAC.

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Would you know when the reviews are coming out for the M6CD Player I have the M6i and love it so now am thinking about the M6CD Player but would like to see some review first before I buy it. Cheers

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I have got CDP NAD 565Bee, Musical Fidelity Int Ampli M6i with B&W 803s some month ago. Now I plan to upgrade CDP and am looking for Musical Fidelity M6 CD player. Please advise your idea/ review on this CD player in term of its sound quality (treble, mid and bass) via the source of CD or the source of Lossless (from HD player) through its DAC. Thanks in advance!