Meridian Sooloos Upgrades

Now that Meridian Sooloos has stabilized the hardware offerings in their front-to-back media server system, the new 2.1 software upgrades are getting most of the attention at this year's show.

First up is the addition of streaming service Rhapsody and internet radio as sources. Once you've activated your $13/mo. account with Rhapsody, their entire library of music appears on the touchscreen in a directory that you browse. Once you find an album you want, you add it and the cover will appear sorted within the other albums already stored on the hard drives. You can also browse Rhapsody's playlists for different types of music, and while the streaming sound quality may not be up to par, this is a great way to find new music to buy.

Other CES announcements include Zone Linking Synchronisation making it easier to run multiple zones either independently or in "party mode" without time delays, and upgrades to the Ensemble hardware to allow for unlimited hard drive expansion. Other hardware upgrades allow better integration of Meridians other digital products into the Sooloos ethernet network.