Manley's iTube Amplifier

I recently spent the past few months listening to and reviewing the new Manley Stingray iTube integrated amplifier (the review will appear the March issue of Stereophile). So when I stepped into the Manley room at CES, it felt a bit like I was back at my own listening room at home. The Stingray iTube is based on four EL84 tubes per channel and puts out 32Wpc in Ultralinear mode and 18Wpc in Triode mode. It features an Apple certified iPod dock in addition to its regular single-ended inputs.

Spoiler Alert! I really liked the Stingray when I reviewed it at my house and it sounded just as nice here in Vegas. Though the Stingray was familiar to me, the newly-wed EveAnna Manley wasn't. It was great to finally meet her (she's the one on the right of the photo). On top of being really smart and passionate about audio, she is funny and very sweet.

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Simon says "Green!"

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Yeah, I won that game. That THAT EveAnna!

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"{she's the one on the right of the photo}"Is that like 'Lichte' humor?

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So is it correct for us to expect that all future reviews will include whether (or not) the company owner/rep is sweet?

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As sweet looking as she may be, their products' aesthetics are hideous. Very ugly. I know that doesn't matter but when competing against Italian products, the fact that their products look like a Heathkit kit gone wrong seems to matter.

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Right you are, Erick, in every particular. The Stingray iTube is one of the slickest things I saw at the show. And EveAnna is one of my favorite people in this or any other business. She is a total sweetie, a real character, and she always has ice cold beer available at the end of the Show.

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I think those products are beautiful, although certainly in a more retro and rougher fashion than some of those silkily gorgeous Italian ones, you know, the ones with wood side panels and so forth. Or the elegant, metal Pathos Classic integrated. There is room on the planet for both styles...which is more than can be said for that particular shirt she's wearing. Anyone but herself should be shot for wearing that. What was so wrong with her go go girl, buckskin vest number with the rawhide fringes hanging down? Or the pink chia pet blouse? We need to de mothball those two over the present thrift store-Escher meets bowling alley thing. Kimber and Joseph may also be sweet (free iso recordings and M&Ms, respectively,) but let's be honest: They are not personalities in the Manley mode.

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Since when did audio manufacturers have to be fashion plates? Has anyone ever bothered to criticize the wardrobe a male audio manufacturer? Please get off your sexist high horse ' By suits_me'

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Thank you, Dismord.

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I really dig her products, her company (I freaking love the web site and the cockiness), and EveAnna herself - she sure seems like one of the coolest people around!Drop the negative attitude - and talking about what she is wearing is funny as hell - she has more style and class than most - all I'm going to say!

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Manley has made it her stock in trade to dress outrageously for shows over the years, thus my recollections of her Atkinson dubbed chia pet blouse and the cowboy/girl number I saw one year. This is a woman who put photos of the results of her possum hunting on her web site, after all. You two have no concept of camp and a stunted sense of irony. And by the way, go check the Ayre entries for commentary on Silberman's shirt. Steve Silberman's. What joy killers.

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I cannot for the life of me remember wearing a buckskin vest with fringes on it but I do realize that my trade show wardrobe explicitly exists for *your* entertainment. Enjoy!

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EveAnna might look hot in a buckskin vest, but who's the funny blue guy? I can't tell if the aesthetics of the product is hideous, because it's too damn small to see. Please provide close-up of products.

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I'm the funny blue guy. Close-up pictures will abound in my upcoming review of the Stingray iTube. You can read and see all about it in the March issue.

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You can find a large photo of the Stingray here:, its name is apt.

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Is there a large photo of EveAnna in that buckskin vest there too?JVS - you are right. Stingray is a very appropriate name.

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Oh, but not only is the wardrobe obviously for show purposes and our collective enjoyment, but the dental tube bling and the "Tubes Rule" ephemera is likewise. Maybe J. Joseph recalls a fringy vest or blouse; it would have had to be in NYC, and I think in a shared room with his gear. Or I could just be hallucinating...these Stereophile CAPTCHAs can cause that, you know. In fact, I just caught myself momentarily thinking that YG has made an affordable loudspeaker in that Carmel model, so obviously something's wrong with my thought processes at the moment.

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She looks kinda hot. Not as hot as Roseanne however. Top ten in the vendor category, however.

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Anyone hear the Manley stuff playing on the Gershman Acoustics Sonogram Speakers in their room? I'd like to hear some comments if anyone would like to share them. Thanks!