Lust in His Heart

Every time I see a Nagra piece I get lust in my heart, Jimmy Swaggart style. I think it all goes back to the old days when I produced CDs with JA and he used his Nagra D digital tape recorder. It was a great -sounding and awesome-looking recorder. Of course these days when we record, that old Nagra has, for better or worse, been replaced with a laptop or Mac mini— or something else nowhere near as sexy.

My visual lust continued with a new solid-state amp from Nagra. On display in the Mirage, driving Verity's new $30,000/pair Amadis loudspeaker, was the MSA bridgeable MOSFET amplifier. Each MSA can put out 60Wpc in stereo mode or 120W when bridged. The MSA retails for $11,499.

Pinkus's picture

As of last year, this amplifier was supposed to cost $8000. Has the dollar experienced a nearly 50% devaluation vs. the swiss franc ? Don't think so .....

John R. Quick's picture

Pinkus: The amplifier was a first generation prototype, and we had no business quoting a price... plain and simple. -John Quick, Sales Manager, NAGRA USA

Egregious's picture

That was a fast response John R.

Stu Gatz's picture

I like the Heathkit look. Very retro. It would be cool to own these and tell folks how much I paid for them. People would like me then.