Karan Acoustics and Avalon Acoustics

If anyone could possibly bewitch me, it's Ella Fitzgerald. I found it impossible to resist her spell as she sang "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" through the wonderful pairing of Karan Acoustics' KA L Ref MK2 line preamplifier ($17,500) and KA S 180 stereo power amplifier ($9700), Zanden Model 2500 Signature CD player ($20,000), Finite Elemente racks, Cardas Clear cabling, and new Avalon Acoustics TIME dynamic loudspeaker system with new diamond tweeter, ceramic mid, and two 11" Kevlar woofers ($47,000/pair). This system's intimacy, midrange warmth, and complete lack of barriers beckoned me deeper into the magic of Ella's delivery. Wonderful.

At show's close, I learned that the missing companion to the one Karan Acoustics KA M 1200 1200W monoblock that had arrived on time had finally made it to The Venetian. If the gods smile upon me, I'll find the opportunity to make another visit to this room, again bask in the glow.

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Jason, do try and get back there for the 1200's, they're well worth the walk. The Karan gear is great to listen to - I've heard this Karan/Avalon pairing, but fronted by dCS - it was excellent. Hopefully they'll start to get a bit more traction in N. America.

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I had opportunity to listen to Karan's big monoblocks, paired with Zanden, unfortunattely Avalon loudspeakers weren't included. Jason, if you do, I envy you a lot...

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So how about it JVS, did you get back for the 1200's??

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No, I did not. With so many rooms to visit, I had no choice but to move on.

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JVS - your mission will be to seek out the 1200's and the KA L Ref. Mk2 and give us a review!! Ta dah!!I think the co. is Westside something-or-other...or AudioFreaks.Go forth young man.