Jeff Rowland Design Group Bling

Walking into the Jeff Rowland Design Group room is like walking into a dreamscape of audio bling. To look at a Rowland faceplate is like gazing into the face of God...well, maybe that's overstating it a bit. Whoever set up the Rowland room knows how great their gear looks and even set up floor to ceiling poles full of lights, strategically aimed to heighten their hypnotic, 3-D look.

On display were the new Jeff Rowland 925 monoblock amplifiers. Touting a switch-mode power supply, the 925 puts out 400W in class-AB. The 925 amp will be out in four to five months and will sell for $48,000/pair. If I could wear one on my finger or around my neck, I would.

nunh's picture

Beautiful. Wonder if they sound beautiful.