Holm Acoustics CD1 and DSPre 1

Denmark's Holm Acoustics set themselves up at the Flamingo with their beautifully-designed CD1 transport at $7,300 and DSPre 1 DAC/preamp/DSP starting at around $8,000 depending on the number of processing channels and analog output.

The company demonstrated their DSP's room tuning abilities with a pair of Revel Ultima 2 loudspeakers and some Mark Levinson amplifiers. Kal Rubinson will likely be reporting on their technology more thoroughly in an upcoming column, but the brief demo yielded mixed results in such a small room with such large amps and speakers.

The company's use of Italian leather around each component was unique, however, and the clean design stood out no matter the size of the room.

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Respectfully, this last posters comment completely misses the mark.The DSPre1 isn't even in the same league as DEQX. One would require a DEQ + DCX to provide even a fraction of the capability of the DSPre1.Trust me, I own both the DEQ and DCX. If I could afford a DSPre1 I would buy it in a heartbeat. (BTW, it's more like 20X more expensive not 2.5X)

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I apologize, I just found that I was comparing completely the wrong gear. Sorry.