Halcro and Vivid

I had a great time listening to my own recordings in the Halcro room. Though the room lighting and the alien looking Vivid Audio G2 Giya speaker gave foreboding vibe in this photo, the sound was warm and detailed and the Halcro folks were really friendly. Featured in the Halcro system were the dm10 preamplifier($20,990) and the dm78 power amplifier ($41,990). The dm 10 is Halcro's top-of the line preamp and features its own phono stage. (It was reviewed in the April 2004 issue.) The dm78 is a mono amp that puts out 225W into 8 ohms and handled big dynamic swings in recordings of both Vivaldi and Eric Whitacre with ease and grace.

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This setup and the larger GIYA S in the Convergent Audio Technology room are the most dynamic and still most detailed, without being harsh I've heard yet on this my first day at the show.What a cool way to build a speaker!

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The dm78 is a mono amp, not a stereo amp.The dm38 is their stereo amp.

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The Vivid and Halcro room was my best room of the show, thanks to the lifelike, dynamic and powerful presentation that never strayed outside of my comfort zone - remarkable I think.

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There have been complaints about the design of certain other products which I though were unfair, but I would venture to say that the look of this company's speakers do not appeal to me one bit. I hope they sound as good as people are saying....

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Is this the same Vivid that is in the film business? Same company?

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Is this the same Vivid that is in the film business? Same company?..............same name - no porn industry roots - just the name is common !!

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For purposes of clarification, the name of the company is Vivid Audio NOT Vivid,www.vividaudio.com

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Two very different companies people... More to the point, did these sound great or what??? And the shape is not for looks, that crazy cabinet is a massive absorber horn for the two nine inch bass drivers. Works too, I have never, ever heard such fast, snappy bass from a reflex cabinet.

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Is "snappy bass" a porn film euphemism or a double entendre? LOL, very funny.

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