Furutech GT40 USB DAC with Phono Stage

Here's a product that should warm the digits of anyone with a vinyl collection. Furutech, who is generally known for its high quality connectors and cabling, will be releasing the $450 GT40 USB DAC with built-in phono stage this March.

The company says that you can plug your turntable into the analog inputs (switchable between line or phono level) on the back, and plug the USB port into your computer to transfer your records to hard drive at 24bit/96kHz resolution. Other options include Toslink and SPDIF input and output and a pair of analog outs.

The product looks incredibly well built for the price, and features a large level control on the front.

Peter G.'s picture

That is a great idea. Finally something worth buying!!!!!

Paul S.'s picture

Interesting. So you are essentially getting a preamp, phono preamp, D>A converter, A>D converter, headphone amp all in one package. This product leaves nobody out.

John F.'s picture

I want a review of this from Mr. Fremer, stat!

rudy yniguez's picture

This looks like just what I need.

Stu G.'s picture

Why pay $1500 when a $500 DAC will do? Why pay $500 when a $250 DAC will do?What I want to see is an article that describes in very clear terms what, if anything, an additional spend for a DAC gets. Maybe something; maybe nothing. Given that DACs are the hot item of the year, that would be a great article provided the piece doesn't kow-tow to advertisers.

Eric's picture

This is not a DAC. A dac is digital to analog converter. This is a ADC. Analog digital converter. Dac means sounds enter in digital format and exit in analog format. This product does the opposite and the description is very misleading.

Franklin's picture

Eric - what are the analog outs and headphone jack for then? Looks like it does indeed convert both ways.

James's picture

Looks like a rip-off of Firestone Audio's Cute series like up.

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Agree on the DAC. If it does what is described it would have to have a ADC too. Nice item, I hope it has a higher input impedance than the ASUS soundcard, easier for tube pre's to drive.

stu Gatz's picture

I will convert my Mac to a dac and then an adc and the a dac. Jitter? I laugh at your jitter.

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Now this product at least looks like there's a typo in its reported price.

GEORGE's picture

What are Wolfson DAC chips going for now, $10? in bulk? ckt boards, Chinese labor, box, hmmm, $299 and it would be pricey. It's about high end SOUND but lately it's just high PRICES. Is this the audio BUBBLE that is soon to burst? Why not build in the plastic demag?