Erma the Great

I got to the LVCC just in time. The journalist registration line in the second floor pressroom was virtually non-existent . . . until I finished. By then, 20 more journalists had lined up behind me.

As I began to submit my materials to receive my baby-blue press badge holder (courtesy of Best Buy), I could not believe the smoky resonance of the speaking voice of the woman on the other side of the counter.

"Do you sing?" asked this vocal aficionado, I was ready to throw myself at her feet and declare "I'm yours" even before she began to softly serenade me.

I turned out that I had met the fabulous Erma, of Tony and Erma, "Duet for Hire—Music Heart and Soul." Folks, check out the Facebook page for Erma Henderson from Las Vegas. The woman is a gift. I have never before found myself smiling so much in the LVCC. By the time I had left the room, I knew that a good show was in store.

Erma's picture

Meeting you made my day....Even though one of my ther co-workers, tried to make my life a living hell, after I met you....just pure "Green Eyes"....But like one of my favorite songs......"I Will Survive"...Thank you for making my year 2010...Peace...Erma

Norbert's picture

She seems like a lovely lady and a great representative of your company.