Ensemble Dirondo Player and Drive

Ensemble has taken the position that with all the formats flying around, the biggest library of decent-sounding music remains the CD, so they might as well perfect it. Their Dirondo Player and Drive is a straightforward top-loading CD-only machine based on a Philips pro mechanism that allows the user to select the upsampling rate up to 24 bit/192kHz. Price is $12,000 and the Dirondo is available now.

struts's picture

That's got to be the cheesiest rack I've ever seen used at CES. Running a hex bold through a tubular section so it deforms when you tighten it! Eeuuugh!!

Nathan's picture

Is that a hood ornament I see?

Erick Lichte's picture

The sound in this room when Jon Iverson and I visited was stunning. All of Ensemble's equipment had one of those "hood ornaments" on them, even the loudspeakers.

bob D. Stuckiez's picture

The hood ornament looks hideous. I could buy 4 Raysonic 168s for this