EAR's Achievement

Irresistible warmth in the midrange. It's not what you usually associate with digital, but it's the only way to describe digital reproduction in the EAR USA room. Auditioned were the EAR Acute CD player ($5495), EAR 509 monoblocks ($14,000), and EAR 912 preamplifier ($11,500), played through the brand-new Marten Getz loudspeakers ($20,000/pair) and connected by Jorma Origo cabling. The new Marten Getz, part of the Marten Heritage series and seen hear in JA's photo with EAR's legendary designer Tim de Paravicini, is a three-way model that combines an active and passive woofer in a single box. The Getz boasts 87dB sensitivity, and a frequency response that extends from 30Hz (–3dB) up to 40kHz.

Of course, I would have loved to have heard the turntable. But the Analog Goddess, who had confounded connections and messed upon one channel, had not yet lifted her hex on the platter. Next time around.

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JA and I did some listening together at the EAR room. We played some of our recordings and they sounded stunning. Tim played some of his recordings and all three of us geeked out on recording techniques, echo chambers etc. Listening in the EAR room was one of my top experiences at CES - both for the sound and the conversation.

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Will Stereophile be reviewing the Marten Getz or Bird? JA should !!!