Class-A Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity, now distributed in the US by Tempo, had a room at the Mirage and were displaying lots of new equipment. As part of their newly released M series, Antony Michaelson's company showed off the M6i dual-mono integrated amplifier. The amps' circuitry design trickles down from the Musical Fidelity Titan amp reviewed last June by Michael Fremer. The amp puts out 200Wpc, retails for $3000, and, surprisingly, features a USB input.

Also on display in the Musical Fidelity suite was the new AMS35i integrated amplifier. Shonw in the photo This integrated puts out 35Wpc of pure class-A power and, I was told, is shipping now. This amp was playing songs from Beck's Sea Change album and had the yummy sound that full class-A biased amps can sometimes have. The AMS35i sells for $9000.