Chord Cyan Click Digital Integrated Amplifier

Some of my favorite industrial design in the audio industry comes from Chord. I'm not sure that the cool glass and aluminum flourishes found on many of their products have key functional utility, but they sure look inviting. So the relatively understated casework done for the new Cyan Click Digital Integrated Amplifier still stands out among more staid designs from others.

Though modest in size, the Cyan Click handles multiple analog and digital inputs (including USB and Bluetooth wireless!?!) and also includes either a 50 or 100 watt/channel at 4 ohms power amp underpinned by a high frequency power supply design.

The Cyan Click is available now for $8,500, and as you can see from the photo above, is built to last.

nunh's picture

I love their as well designs - pricey but, obvious built to last!

Jay Rein's picture

For clarity it is an analog amplifier with digital, (and analog), inputs.

bill C from Westchester's picture

What's the bluetooth connection for