Cary Audio Design Music Server

With 1TB of internal music storage, backup management program and Shoutcast internet radio capability, the Cary Audio Design Music Server appears to be a screaming deal at the estimated $2000-2500 price range. You can also add additional music storage via USB and control everything with an iPhone or Touch running their app.

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MacMini at 599USB cable 10ITB external storage 119Airport 400What's the upside?

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Mark H - would sound quality matter to you, or just pinching pennies. I've not seen nor heard this machine, but Cary's amps and preamps tend to sound pretty good.

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Sound matters most. Can't imagine there would be any difference one way or the other.

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I would like to think the cry would be a substantial increase in sound quality but, fact is - Mark H. might be right. A nice comparison review would be nice - extra $1400 for high rez digi files can be nice :)I'll be the first to say to hold that thought - need to hear it myself before waiving the cheaper/ better flag [omg - I might be wrong!]Fremer for president!

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Mark H - you contradict yourself, since you went after the price and not the sound in your original post. If sound matters most, then you need to hear it and compare, and then determine if the price is worthy. It's not good enough to "imagine" one way or another. That is if the sound actually matters most.

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Sounds great. Thanks much.