Bel Canto DACs

Bel Canto has clearly been busy on the digital front. Three new DACs are on display: the e.One DAC1.5 at $1,395, e.One DAC2.5 at $1,995, and the e.One DAC3.5VB at $3,495. The company explains that the core of all three products is the "jitter-eliminating" Two-Stage Master Reference UltraClock.

In addition to "Virtual Battery" technology, all three have AES, BNC, Coaxial RCA and Toslink inputs, with the 3.5VB also including an ST Glass-Fiber input (to be used with the company's USB 24/96 LightLink converter for long cable runs) and the other two having instead 24/96 USB. The 3.5VB and 2.5 also have analog inputs. All three have 24-bit digital volume control and will be available in February.

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Is this better than the $500 or $250 DACs out there? Maybe? Write the across the board review. Don't kiss butts of advertisers. Maybe this is a waste of money. Maybe this is worth every penny or more. Do the review and don't blow smoke up our butts as to stats for things no one can hear. Or can we? Do the article.

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thanks for posting the pictures of this (couldn't make it to Vegas for this show). I'm interested in the DAC 2.5, for not only the fully balanced output, but the additional of the analogue input (along with the volume control) and the multiple digital inputs. these guys keep innovating, and best of all USA made!I've seen a lot of garbage being made which calls itself "high end". Bel Canto definitely makes quality product, I know my entire system is Bel Canto. I am a fanboy, kill me!

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Thanks for giving the info on the DACsCan't wait to hear them at my local dealer.No need to review in a noisy hotel room....

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Are there headphone outputs?

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I've been hanging out for Bel Canto to bring out a version of the Dac3 with an analogue input to compete with the Benchmark Dac1 Pre. OK, I know the Bel Cantos don't have headphone outputs, but that's of limited concern to me. However, I note they have digital volume controls whereas the Benchmark has analogue. Isn't digital usually inferior, particularly at low levels? Would love to see a review comparing the two.

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Ken- It sounds like that very review might be forthcoming, brought to you by yours truly. I own a Benchmark so the two will certainly be compared, again if the review comes to pass. It's good to know there is interest in possibly writing about this.

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Thank you, Erick, and greetings from Australia. I too have a Benchmark - an original Dac1 and have been considering buying a Dac1 Pre to enable me to do way with a separate preamp. I have always been extremely happy with the Benchmark, but there seem to be many out there who claim the Bel Canto Dac3 is perhaps marginally better in certain areas. So now that Bel Canto has two models with an analog input it makes them directly comparable with the Dac1 Pre and logical alternatives. Sincerely hope your review comes to fruition. Will be watching out for it.

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Whoops! Looks like two of the new models DO have headphone outputs.

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Would you give a review of this new series of DACs? I'm considering to purchase a DAC3 while told that 3.5 is coming out. Really interested in it.

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The Bel Canto 2.5 is remarkably superior to the previous version of this DAC! Wow! What a difference in almost every respect. The Benchmark is a fine sounding DAC in its own right and will continue to live on its merits. Side by side the Bel Canto 2.5 leaves you feeling more involved. Spacious, Dynamic and Open. Right now I am listening to the 2.5 through my Cary SLP 98 with the digital volume control on the Bel Canto set at the maximum. Listening last night (Balanced Mode) direct into the Pass Lab 600s it may be a tad, and I do mean a tad more dynamic, but those ECC 32 tubes in my Cary Well they are the icing on the cake for me. Remember that everyone does not have the same taste in or emotional involvement with recorded music. And after all isn't that what it's all about (The Music) Do yourself a favor ALWAYS LISTEN FOR YOUR SELF! As for me, I give Bel Canto a a thumbs up on this one! ( SWEET ! ) Can't wait to audition the 3.5VB. Happy Listening.