Ayre & Vandersteen

Also showing in the Ayre room were their MX-R monoblocks ($9250 each) and also a Stereophile “Product of the Year” in 2007), connected to the actual samples of Vandersteen Model Seven speakers that Michael Fremer will be reviewing for Stereophile in March. The MX-R, like its KX-R brother, is carved out of a single block of aluminum and puts out 300W into 8 ohms and 600W into 4 ohms. The amps were fed by Ayre’s CX-7eMP CD player and KX-R preamplifier and the sound of the MX-R amps driving the Vandersteen Sevens was detailed and— pun fully intended— airy.

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Erick, I think the source was actually the new DX-5 - notice the screen behind the amps. Wish I could hear that system (and the Lamm room)! Looking forward to the Vandersteen review.

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i would have thought the sound would have been termed ayri.

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Hi Charles, Ayre MRX sound great but it is not powerful enough to drive big loudspeaker like wilson Alexandria. I wonder if Ayre will built a power amplifier with more power like >800W into 8ohm in future.

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Jim, I'll bet Charles will disagree with your opinion that they're not powerful. I recall reading an account of Charles introducing the MX-Rs somewhere in Europe. He said it was the first time he heard a credible reproduction of a full orchestra. The speakers? Wilson Alexandria. Peter McGrath reportedly really liked the MX-Rs (he might even have opined that they were the best he'd heard?). Now, if he could just sell them for $5K . . .

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It would be interesting to know when, if ever, Ayre will release a source component (cdp or whatever), that has the same cosmetics as the KX-R and MX-R products.

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I tried KRX & MRX on Wilson Alexandria X2 before.I agree that it produces very good sound.Obviously, it is not able to fully control the bass.Overall, the speed of the sound drops.

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Scheduling the Model 7s for a review by Fremer doesn't make a lot of sense. Previously, he spent considerable text only to find the Vandersteen Quatro to be "too detailed" for his ears. Hmmm.