Avalon Stops the Clock

Beckoning like the mythical paradise for which the Coloradon company is named, the Avalon Acoustics Time loudspeakers ($47,995/pair) stood in a large suite on the 34th floor. Surrounded by a large complement of room-tuning devices that only partially controlled their low end, the beauty and clarity of the Time's diamond tweeter transmitted the beauty of Renaud Capuüon's violin as few other speakers I have heard.

I soon forgot all about the 5378 other rooms I had hoped to get to in the next 30 minutes, and basked in the glory of Beethoven's Violin Concerto. When a speaker makes you forget about time and place in the middle of the CES roadshow, you know it's doing something right.

Contributing to the glories were the Kuzma Stabl XL4 table, 4Point tonearm, and KC-1 cartridge ($28,800 total, I think); dCS Puccini SACD player ($17,999) and U-Clock ($4999); Jeff Rowland Criterion preamp ($18,600) and Model 301 monoblocks ($29,800/pair); Cardas Audio Clear interconnect ($1138/first meter), speaker cable ($1556/first meter), and power cords ($628/first 1.5 meter); and Harmonic Resolution Systems equipment racks ($16,370).

The Avalon Acoustics Time is specified as having 89dB sensitivity, 4 ohms impedance, a frequency range of 20Hz–50kHz, and recommended amplifier power of 50–600W. Each speaker weighs a relatively manageable 75 lbs. And its tweeter sounds like heaven on earth.

Nathan's picture

Are those glass tube thingies in the back for room tuning"

Carlo Iaccarino's picture

Nathan,yes, they are from Italy: http://www.acusticaapplicata.com/polifemo.php?lang=eng

wm J Carteret's picture

They look like a bong.