Audio Research class-D Integrated

Elsewhere in this report, Brian Damkroger writes about the new Audio Research DS-450 class-D power amplifier. However, I was more taken by the Minnesotan company's $5995 DSI200 integrated amplifier, which offers 200Wpc into 8 ohms, compared with the larger amplifier's 410W, and had its top off. (This is Las Vegas, after all.) The 93%-efficient class-D outputstage was developed in-house and is coupled with a hefty linear power supply.

cod's picture

JA I can attest to this being one heck of an integrated, one I imagine will more than hold its own against the $5 ~ $7k competition (cj, Simm, Plinius, PASS, etc). I've been breaking mine in for right around 450hrs now and it's really starting to sing... Typical arc sound: resolving, rhythmic, timbral realness and great dynamics. Also like that the "analog" controlled Class-D pwr amp section was designed and is built in-house. Happy listening

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But ... how does it compare to tubes. I know it isn't but I am thinking of reducing my system and this integrated has caught my eye. Can't wait to hear one or at least get a full and complete review which states it's case against other solid state equipment as well as tube equipment.