Wireworld's Alchemical Achievement

Want to hear silver turn to platinum? Check out Wireworld's new line of Platinum Eclipse Reference audio cables, whose interconnects are composed of four flat conductors made of Ohno continuous cast solid silver of 99.99997% purity.

Some years back, Wireworld's David Salz realized that, due to the limitations of insulation technology, he was unable to fully achieve his goal of a neutral cable that was as transparent as a direct connection. He sought a quieter background, and a more liquid sound that would not compromise the texture of music in any way. He also wanted his power cables to work as perfect power conditioners, so that the components they powered via AC current would sound similar to the same components powered by pure DC battery storage cells.

David's solution was to experiment with composites, and to apply composite technology to the new Platinum Eclipse series. (An avid sailor, he is now building a composite sailboat). These are the first cables to utilize Wireworld's Composite Dielectric Technology, which is claimed to "virtually eliminate the Noise Modulation Distortion cause by conventional cable insulation materials." Platinum Eclipse interconnects feature the "world's first" molded carbon-fiber connectors. The cable's internal construction is the same DNA Helix design found in Wireworld's other reference interconnects, except that the conductors are substantially "larger and more refined than the lesser models."

"I solved the problem of tribo electric noise that is modulated by the music system by using a highly linear cable structure and CDT to increase musicality, focus, and dynamics."

Wireworld has also redone its digital cable using the new technology, creating what David claims as the first 75 ohm cables with low inductance. The secret is to keep conductors close together using an oval configuration. This and their USB cable are two I'm especially eager to try in my reference system.

Antonio San's picture

"made of Ohno continuous cast solid silver of 99.99997% purity."... and next year, they'll be obsolete because this wired reporter will be raving about the musical difference made by the new 99.99998% purity stuff...

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There is no rave in this report. I neither heard the cables nor praised them. I simply combined what I was told with direct quotes from the company's literature. Perhaps you missed the irony implicit in the opening paragraph.

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"...is claimed to 'virtually eliminate the Noise Modulation Distortion....'" I look forward to their virtually eliminating Marketing Noise Modulation Distortion, because my sticking my fingers in my ears and chanting, "Nyah, nyah, nyah," reduces the apparent resolution of my audio system. (Hey, "You report, we deride." Or is that supposed to be, "decide"?)