Why So Expensive?

It belonged to a tenor! (ba-dum-dum) Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I'll be here all week.

Ahem. Tenor's 350W monoblock Reference 350 ($90,000) are big and bold. They're hybrid OTLs using two ECC803/12AX7 s for the first gain stage and a JJ EC99 and six 7044 buffers in the second. Output is by MOSFETs. They're drop dead gorgeous and, driving a pair of Hansen Audio Emperors ($60,000/pair),they sounded ravishing. Effortless? Check. Detailed? Doubled check. Best of all, the music had me melting in my chair—at shows, that's high praise.

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By contrast, the Continuum Caliburn room with these Tenors and Magico V3's didn't sound that special ... to my ears.