We All Need Someone To Lean On

Stillpoints, a vibration-control company that has been making equipment support racks since 2003, has just introduced a 40"-wide, low mass, open-air rack that allows you to stack two components side by side on each support shelf. Each ultra long support shelf holds two 20"x16" equipment shelves, each of which can hold a separate component on the appropriate support technology. Each equipment shelf also contains six pockets of Stillpoints' multi-patented vibration damping technology, making for 12 pockets of vibration control per large support shelf. Stillpoints' Paul Wakeen claims that each time you add another layer of Stillpoint isolation, the sound of your system improves.

The company is also producing OEM circuit board standoffs for transports and other equipment where vibration isolation yields sonic benefits. I'm sure there is more to say about these little babies, as well as about the rack. Unfortunately, I reached the room at the end of the third day, when everyone was in sales pitch withdrawal mode. The upside was that it gave me enough time to visit two more rooms before the doors closed on Richard Beers' T.H.E. Show.