Wadia Need Next?

Wadia's iTransport was a big hit at last year's show, so they are back this year with a pile of new products.

Using the same form factor as the iTransport is the new Series 1 121 DAC/pre. Two versions will be available: $999 for the basic unit and $1,499 for the base unit plus a built-in headphone amp designed by Ray Samuals.

Coupled with the iTransport, this would be a compact way to integrate a music server, disc player or other sources. Both products sport USB, Toslink and Coax inputs as well as stereo balanced XLR and RCA outputs. Don't get too excited yet, however, Wadia's Brent Sitterley says the 121 won't be available until the second half of 2009.

Gatie's picture

Sounds really sweet but $499 more for an integrated amp by Ray Samuels? Puhleeeez ...

rgibran's picture

A balanced Dac/Pre from Wadia for under a grand...could be killer!-RG

swt61's picture

Now if the headphone amp section were designed by AMB or Pete Millet, you'd have something there.

hmm's picture

$500 extra for a Ray "special sauce" op-amp? Wonder it comes with Ray's secret red paint? That paint makes all the difference when powering Ray's "unthinkable" headphones.

Abe Collins's picture

I want to know if it will be available in Silver to match my Wadia iTransport.

Alessandro Mol Luce's picture

Wadia is Wadia !!! The Digital GOD!

MrMr's picture

The Benchmark success must have hurt their sales. Now it's payback time! These are exciting times, the ultimate winner of competition are we.

Robert's picture

Does the 121 have an integrated power supply, or is it a 'walwart'-type like the 170i?

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I own a P-51 Mustang designed by Ray Samuels...driving my ue-11 pro ....completely flabergasted.....never thought reaching this level of heaven glimpse of musicality.......and for my AKG 702, this forthcoming Wadia dac, 121pre....with the contribution of Ray Samuels is the realisation of my audiophile dreams !!!!!I always knew Gods could communicate.......Richard.

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Only if the headphones amps were designed by AMB or Pete Millet, that would be something.korean clothing

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HiI want to purchase this product.But not sure about the price.And also if the price shown here is correct that dont you think it is little bit expensive too.Acne

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Love it. $999 / $1,499 bit big amounts. still its worth it for a person who have enough money.Professional myspace layouts for free

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Great news, Wadias are again with new products.We are really looking forward to it ,hoping that definitely there will be some new things.

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This is very nice product. I was looking for the same one. I would like to buy it

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Those who know about "Wadia", nothing to say for them. But, who don't yet, try to purchase this as soon as possible!As Wadia's Brent Sitterley said, 121 won't be available until the second half of 2009! So, do hurry!!You will get a new world!

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"Those who know about "Wadia", nothing to say for them. But, who don't yet, try to purchase this as soon as possible! As Wadia's Brent Sitterley said, 121 won't be available until the second half of 2009! So, do hurry!! You will get a new world!"I totally agree, you better hurry this will go fast.

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This is a very nice unit and although the price seems high it's not really high at all when you're talking about what this device can do.

James L's picture

"High price tag" - are you guys kidding? Wadia quality at this price is an absolute HiFi bargain - bear in mind their entry level 830 CD alone is $3250. Their 860 CD is $7450. I have the 170 and the results are outstanding - eagerly awaiting the 121 to land on our shores here in NZ. James.

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I hope I can find something like that at e-bay.. So that It's already discounted..

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Wow! it's like a dvd! That's very nice to hear..

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Sounds great but the price is bit high to me...

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And then we heard the iTransport driving the $13,500 Wadia 781 player/DAC/preamp and Halcro DM308 power amp and a pair of Verity Parsifals. Wow!

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EVERYTIME I read Stereophile, I always want to buy something.