Wadia 381 CD Player

Here is Wadia's new 381 Integrated CD Player, which retails at $6,950 and offers the same performance of the company's 581se minus SACD playback.

The new player utilizes the DigiMaster 2.5 Up-sampling Algorithm and ClockLink jitter reduction system.

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Wadia - The best

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...c'mon...$7k for a player that won't play SACD?If there's a market for this we should all tighten the noose and kick the chair away.

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I agree with mykebee on pricing...for $7K you should get SACD and the Elliot Spitzer "upgrade" package.I'm thinking $5K would be more than fair as I bet the dealers are only paying ~$3500Personally, I'm getting tired of the price gouging. Especially from low volume manufacturers who could sell direct and eliminate the middle man mark-up

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I wonder if this $7K player is still made in USA or in the Asian country.I cannot accept some of the Wadia models using DVD Rom but still being sold over $10KI miss the TEAC transport used in 270se and 861se

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New product and STILL no specs on the website other than a release notice... WTF? is this company serious about it's business?

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The Wadia 381i retails for GBP8,000 in the UK (equivalent to USD12,000) and, despite not having SACD, it is definately worth a listen. I have just spent a week auditioning the 381i and I love it. The micro-dynamics are amazing and truly revealing of the textures of the music and it combines this with a full-bodied sound which just makes the music sound wonderful and natural. I am now planning to trade-in my dCS Verdi LaScala & Elgar Plus to get one of these - it is definately that good. The dCS kit is very tight-sounding and technically very clever, but it is a bit cold and clinical by comparison and does not have the body nor the micro-dynamics of the Wadia. My other kit is Spectral 30S + 150S, Spectral/MIT Reference I/Cs and speaker cables, Verity Parsifal Encore speakers and transparent MM + Reference XL PowerLink mains cables. My dealer says that one of the reasons for the top quality sound is the high quality Austrian-made Mechanism. Give this Wadia a good listen and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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I just ordered one from Great Northern Sound Company along with their "Statement" upgrade...internal chassis damping and ESR cloth, Black Gate caps in the power supply, upgraded voltage regulators, Bybee Quantum Purifiers and Jensen output transformers.It ships Wednesday so hopefully I'll have it for the weekend! I agree the Austrian sourced T&A sled is quite nice though probably still a step back from the upper grade TEAC units. The 830 had the mondo chunky Pioneer stable platter so hopefully this new drive will provide the same reliability/longevity!

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Hi EricDid you get the 381? How are you getting on with it? I only ask because I am seriously considering ordering one from GNSC with the Stement upgrade. I would appreciate any feed back.

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Tom,Yes, I bought the 381 with the Statement upgrade.Excellent sounding player, one of the most neutral that I have heard. Great PRaTBeware that it will take 400 hrs before it plateaus so don't be hasty to judge its performance.Also plays 24/96 FLAC files on CDR

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Hi Eric, Thanks. Ordered mine, Will get it September

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HiThis cd-player sounds better than wadias own 581/781 with sacd , its simply one of the best at the momentMichael

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I have now had my GNSC reference modified 381 since the 4/9/-09. I can confirm it takes over 400 hrs burn in to settle in and show its quality in spades.I have about 500hrs now and it is still improving and the soundstage is huge with pinpoint placement and a very smooth sound. I am playing CDs from my youth and hearing things I never heard before. I cant believe how good the old recordings were. Speaking personally this is the last CD player I will ever buy and I unreservedly recommend it to anyone. I have come to the end of my upgrading journey