The Ferrari and Rolls Royce of Cables?

Somewhere in the maze of air-walled convention cells in the Sands, I stumbled upon PSC Audio's Pure Silver Connection cable. Handmade in Perth, Australia using the finest, purest Australian silver one can find—6Ns, or 99.99997% pure—each cable receives three to six annealing heating and cooling treatments (without cryogenically freezing) to increase the length of silver crystals, thereby increasing conductivity by 20% over untreated silver.

Way back in 1999 or so, Larry Greenhill reviewed one of the company's handmade silver-alloy cables. Then, the line was small. Now there are over 100 models and 230 prototypes. Each cable is custom-tailored to a client's individual needs, with different technology employed for left and right channels. While entry-level handmade cables are priced up to $1000, the company's Super Hi-end Silver Gold Stella MK2 can cost up to $60,000 for a pair of interconnects. Gosh, would I love to hear a few pairs of these in my system. I could always renegotiate the mortgage our house, and then use the cables I purchased to hang myself before the spouse found out what I'd done.

After some years without a US distributor, PSC Audio is just starting to become available here via Jin Woo Kim's Bono Audio of southern California Otherwise, PSC Audio's main market remains Australia, Korea, and Europe.

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Gee, I wonder if they've ever sold a pair of the $60k cables? If they have, I wonder if the buyer is still alive and still married?

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I am hoping I got that comment right. You must understand that, in virtually every room I visited, cable manufacturers were throwing model numbers, figures, and claims at me. Everyone believes their cable design is better than everyone else's, and goes out of their way to state their case. In at least one room I visited on the final day, not even the manufacturer's rep could get all the cable names and levels right without consulting the literature. Shows demand an incredible outlay of energy, and everyone was fried. Anyway, I'm concerned that I have not done the manufacturer justice by mentioning differences in cable construction for the two channels without supplying a complete explanation. Hopefully one of the men pictured above will see this blog entry and post a comment below.

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Yes, we prefer our BS to be accurate in this community. We're real sticklers in that way. 60k interconnects will require quite some bit of manufacturer explanation....

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60.000-$ for a cable? I would instead build up a new workshop (with an industrial oven and microscope necessary for heating up of the silver and checking of chrystal structure), hire an MS.Methalurgical Engineer (BS degree wouldn’t be enough for going nuts) and still spare a lot of money for a mind blowing new Hi-End system and a new car (may be also a World Tour with a ferry with my wife; also quite a big piece of diamond ring to blind her view of the hole in our currently non-existing bank account for not divorcing me after spending 60.000-$ for gallons of invisible snake oil). This much is enough. Further words of my extreme feelings exceed the tolerance limits of the WEB site and opens some doors to a law court.

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I am the Designer of the PSC Cables and id like to explain and clarify a couple things.With regards to the different technology for the left and right channels. The cables are constructed from Ribbons and in the case of our cheaper like the Pristine R50 Speaker Cablethe two large ribbons are placed in one sleeving hence causing a tiny capacitance. Lets say a customer may order a 9ft for Right Channel and 21ft for the Left Channel. Since the cables are custom hand made we spread the ribbons out further apart on the longer cable to enable to acheive the same capactance on both left and right channel. You can not do this with machine made cables.2) With regards to 60k price on our Stella MK2Interconnects we have sold several and they are made of 24k Gold and Pure Silver hence the cost of manufacturing is high. I know its a shock to you however there are customers all over the world that can afford it and they also now ask us to make Stella MK2 Speaker Cable.

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Too bad most all the wittily dismissive commentary on 60k cables was deleted, because it was far more enlightening that what remains. Oh, and I'm not in the least shocked that there are people all over the world who can afford - I am shocked they actually spend the money.... (Even there, I'm probably not that shocked. More like appalled.)

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This is comment to "suits_me":For your information when I was building my studio in Hollywood Hills in 2005, I checked out all my options in regards to cabling, and I heard so much great things from two of my coleagues who bought PSC Audio cables. Make the long story short, I spent somewhere in the area of $250k for my studio (that costed more than $5M).With all due respect, I think you are trying to buy Rolls Royce with the budget of a Kia. PSC is for REAL PROS only, not for budget home studios.

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A Rolls Royce is another product whose existence cannot be rationally justified on an over populated, wealth concentrated planet, so that is quite a fitting comparison you chose.

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The "witty" comments you enjoyed, suits_me, were deleted because they were made by a reader who has been banned from posting to our website. And I repeat the comment I made to you in another blog entry: have you ever auditioned any of these products you sneer at? If you did, it might wipe the smirk from your face!

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Let me be absolutely clear: I don't care what 60k cables or systems with a quarter million dollars worth of cabling sound like. Theft is when someone steals; cons are when the mark hands over the money willingly. There simply are not enough, if any, available recordings which make sense for that sort of expenditure on this constrained planet, even if 60k cables are better in some way than, I don't know, 20k cables. Satire, or in this case, pointing out the obvious, is like short selling - a necessary counter balance, except that the preponderance of comments here and in the other threads was, uh, skeptical.However, you are correct: I have never heard this company's products to the best of my knowledge. Yet I am almost as familiar with the sound of a wide variety of high end audio as I am with the sound of live, unamplified music. "Smirk" and "sneer" were good word choices on your part. Thanks for writing so well.

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"...and then use the cables I purchased to hang myself before the spouse found out what I'd done." LMAO

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In a world that has gone mad; of tubed monoblock amplifiers that cost$90K per channel, speakers for $450,000 for the pair?? and reviewers that rave about them it is very difficult to sanely separate yourself from the insane engine that moves the Audiophile world (adiction), and get a sane dose of reality here.Among those who offer real improvement to the sound of my equipment are these guys of PSC.I have to admit I purchased my first pair of PSC interconnects and a couple of power cords back in 2007 with certain skepticism but a lot of hope, as they're not cheap but a legitimate good value for the $$.since then I also bought speaker cables, more interconnects, digital SPDIF and another pair of power cords, does that tell you something?this stuff was able to prove to me that it brings real improvements and stisfaction levels of musical truth and detail to my listening.I hope one day I have enough $$$ to be eble to re-wire my Home Thetaer with these cables too.About time we get a US distibutor.

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Sorry, almost forgot.Just finished burning in my last acquisition a 2 meter pair of PSC Custom (leather jacket finished!) I have never heard a more capable cable than this form the Monsters XLO's to the Synergistics and NBS (though sounds OK, too expensive for the improvements and acts like a tone control).This is truly a masterpiece of interconnect and I use it to go from my highly modded Audible Illusions (by Wheezer) preamp into a dual mono 6550's designed triode amplifier. it just brings the magic out of my music.

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I feel I need to add to the already comments about the PSC cables.I just pressed into service a pair of Custom series of interconnects form these guys.I have been burning them in for a (long) while, so how they sound???can I be bold here? this pair of cables wipes (its rear end) with anything else I have heard before (including the best of the Shunyatas and , it simply that good. the tonal balance is just right and so sweet, the bottom end is clear clean very fast! and well layered separating tom thwack form bass guitar very well delineated musicians space with oodles fo detail and space cues, musical decay times are very natural, revealing on the recording venue or concert hall.The top end is crystal clear, full of air timing and pace are so natural, music comes out so relaxed and natural . . it just flows.I sincerely did not know a cable could single handed could do all of that, I thought it was more of a trait of components manufacturers.No coloration there just lets music be its own.G.