The Best of Obsessions

Kerem Kücükaslan (pronounced something like "Kooshookasslan," shown standing in the center of the photo), former President of the Istanbul HiFi Club, is justifiably proud of his Echole Obsession cables. When I first encountered these cables, mated with Kaiser Kawero speakers from Germany at last year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I was mightily impressed with the huge, three-dimensional soundstage that the system achieved in a huge ballroom. Playing a portion of Ivan Fischer's R2D4 recording of Mahler's Symphony 2, this system spoke musical truth.

Now I learn that Kaiser Kawero speakers are internally wired with Echole Obsession, and that even the amplifiers Kerem and Kaiser's technical director Rainer Weber (pictured standing to Kerem's right) used for their CES demo have been rewired with Obsession. No wonder the piano recording I heard demmed in their room sounded as rich, full, and inviting as it did.

Echole Obsession cables are based on Kerem's intensive research into metal alloys. His goals in creating the cables were maintaining purity of the signal path via 99.9999% silver mixed with gold and palladium, achieving fully symmetrical construction, and creating an air dielectric. His research led him to work with several master violin makers, who developed a liquid varnish composite to coat the wires. The varnish (shades of Stradivarius) greatly diminishes mechanical resonance, and serves to bring out the inner emotion of music. All terminations are by Oyaide, which according to some manufacturers seems to be giving Furutech a run for the money, and are cryogenically treated. The complete Echole line will include a USB cable once Kerem finds the ideal termination. To give you an idea of the prices, the RCA digital interconnect costs $2300 for 3', the XLR interconnect $4300 for 3'.

Each cable also includes an external resonance control capsule whose outside is aircraft-grade aluminum 7075 and unprocessed natural Zebrano wood from Africa. This capsule complements the varnish that coats the wires, further diminishing resonance that compromises the musical signal. Whatever it does, the result is extremely full-range, musical sound that made me eager to hear more. If the gods and goddesses are in a favorable mood, and the world economy doesn't tank, I will get the opportunity to experience the Echole Obsession / Kaiser Kawero combo at Casa Bellecci-Serinus later this year.

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Why is it that stuff like this just pisses me off?I know! It's the $4300/meter price tag and the fact that the guys reporting it are largely, if not wholly oblivious, to what's going on in the world.

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Oblivious to what's going on in the world? I think not. I live in the ghetto in Oakland, CA. A carjacking occurred last night two blocks from our house. Someone has been murdered in our intersection. We've had two shootings around the corner in the last three month. The riots at BART that happened while I'm here took place eight blocks from our house. I work in community policing, devoting countless volunteer hours to public safety. I know very well what's going on in the world. And one of the things that's going on is that some people who love music have the funds to buy top-of-the-line cables, while others do not. The other things is that some people resent what they can't afford. That's your trip, not mine. Own it, rather than projecting onto a writer doing an honest job reporting on a wonderful sounding system. jason victor serinus

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Wow! Mr JVS not only does an honest job reporting, but also lays the smack down real good too. Keep bloggin' Jason! There's at least one person that is enjoying your work.

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