Sonic Beauty

Wes Phillips gave me the tip. "You must check out the Sonicweld room. Their active Pulserod system uses the DEQX digital crossover." So I checked it out. Comprising two 4'-tall Pulserod towers and two Subpulse subwoofers, the system costs $110,000 but includes all amplification—three 200W class-D ICE modules for the upper-range drivers in each tower and a1.1kW class-D amp for each 15" subwoofer—the crossover module, cables, and even a remote control.

The enclosures are machined from aluminum, with stainless steel damper plates, and the driver array includes six small midrange dome units in a vertical array crossing over to a single 1" tweeter at 5.5kHz. As well as the three 4" woofers you can see on the front panel, there are another three on the rear to give bipolar disperion down to the tower's limit of 65Hz.