Signature Speaker from RBH

RBH Sound is best-known for its home-theater speakers, but CES saw the Utah-based company launch a "Signature" series of speakers that were demo'd in two-channel systems. I listened to a Telarc Aaron Copland recording on the three-way, sealed-box 8300-SE/R towers ($8449/pair), with a Boulder 1021 CD player and Boulder 860 power amplifier, and was impressed by the natural balance, extended low frequencies, and good dynamics.

RBH's makes all its own lower-frequency drive-units, which exclusively feature aluminum diaphragms, The 8300-SE/R uses upgraded versions of the the RBH 8" and 6.5" drivers, with a liquid-cooled Scanspeak silk-dome tweeter, while its less-expensive sibling, the 8300-SE ($7999/pair) uses a conventional soft-dome tweeter. The new RBH speakers are available in 30 different veneers and finishes and both are expected to begin shipping in April.

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Hi JA,Sorry for being off topic in your report re: RBH speakers . . . Are you going to report on the new Vandersteen 7? I'm curious to know about its drivers, enclosure, and if the woofer is now side-firing.

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I'll be posting my thoughts on the new Vandersteen later today, Matt. I would have done so earlier but yesterday was a travel day.

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Thanks, JA. Looking forward to reading your report. Thanks for yet another year of the best CES coverage available!

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Matt, did you see the new RHB speakerset coming out in August? Looks bangin', similar but with a few upgrades to the dimensions and waves. I'll try to find the link and post it up. Thanks for the good reads on your blog.Robert @ Make Money Free

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Ya I am using the old speakers and wanna buy the new one.But have little bit confusion about drivers and installation.Acne

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Ya I am using the old speakers and wanna buy the new one.But have little bit confusion about drivers and installation.

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