SE2 Labs ITC One

Not an audiophile product per se, SE2 Labs ITC One "Integrated Theater Console" takes all the components typical in a high-end audio/video rack, and strips away everything but the circuit boards and transports and puts them all in a single climate-controlled chassis.

What may appeal to audiophiles is that on the list of components that SE2 can put in their rack is the Wadia 170I transport, an iPod dock and a Bryston multi-channel preamp.

Pricing varies depending on what you put in the console which is built like a tank with cable routing and power supply needs in mind. If you plan to assemble your audio and video in one system, this might be worth a look.

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This is a great idea, but what happens when that hot new streaming technology takes over??

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Its open architecture will allow for retrofitting landmark formats. Slip out the old board and install something new. Software updates/upgrades as well as system diagnostics can be done by the factory via internet (or satellite link (I believe), check with the manufacturer on that last one.I agree, I think this is an idea who's time has come.

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Oh, by the way, it just occurred to me, they already offer the ITC One with an Apple iTV in it which will satisfy not only streaming TV and movies from your computer but music as well. - Nicely done!