On the Lamm

Lamm was driving the new Wilson Maxx series 3 with its 32Wpc ML3 Signature SE triode monoblocks ($139,290/pair). It was my first chance to hear either, so I can't tell you if it was the speakers or the amps that were making the magic happen, but happen it did.

The ML3 Sigs employ no overall feedback and are pure class-A. They utilize a direct-heated GM-70 and "one of the most sophisticated power supplies that have ever been used in building any audio device."

No need to state the obvious—that's a stratospheric price tag. And I'm not sure that if I could easily afford it, I could actually write a six-digit check—much less one for the whole system, wires and all—but I can't argue with the results. The Lamm/Wilson combo was among the top five musical experiences of the show—and one that demonstrated that, as good as really good high-end audio is, there are some obsessed builders out there that are operating on an entirely different plane. I can wish my system sounded this good, but it doesn't. Sigh.